Welcome to the world of Natural and Homeopathic Medicine.

The Natural Medicine Centre is our HCR Homeopathics Healing Clinic and Research location. We welcome you to partake in our long-distance healing options. The Natural Medicine Centre uses the methods of Freitag Homeopathics.
We can be reached at (613) 273-2200.
We are located near Westport, Ontario, Canada, approximately 50km North of Kingston.


Long Distance Treatment

All patient consultations are now via telemedicine.

How does telemedicine work?

Our clinic is currently closed to in person consultations and all patients are assessed via telemedicine and testing samples.

How does it work?

The Patient must enclose in a letter/package the following:

  1.   1. A paragraph or two explaining the health history of the Patient as well as current health status.
  2.   2. Attach any [copies of] medical files that are available. (voluntary)
  3.   3. A list of Medications that the Patient is currently on (include amount and frequency consumption)
  4.   4. Place FULL name of Patient, Mailing Address, Work and Home Phone Number, Date of Birth and Email Address (if available), with patient history.
  5.   5. PREPARE your TESTING SAMPLECut approximately 10-15 hairs, an inch long if possible but we can work with less. Tape the very end of the hair to a piece of paper. For shorter hair put it in a securely folded up piece of paper. Put your name on the paper beside your hair sample and/or on the outside of the envelope.
  6.   6. INCLUDE a CHEQUE with the hair sample or contact us for other payment options.

The pricing is as follows:

  •       First test (adult): $113.00
  •       First test (child 1-17yrs): $79.10
  •       Follow-up tests (adult): $79.10
  •       Follow-up tests (child): $56.50
  •       Kindly download the Consent Form using the button below, Thoroughly read and fill it out then place it in envelope or package.
  •       Download Consent Form
      Natural Medicine Centre
      Helga Freitag
      133 Sunnyside Rd.
      RR#2, Westport, ON
      K0G 1X0


Upon receiving your letter/package at the Natural Medicine Centre, your serum or hair sample will be tested. After the test has been completed, finding what remedies you require, the office staff will get in touch with you by phone. At this point you will be informed of which remedies you need and how to order them. Remedies shall be delivered via mail.